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Leading Engineering Company

PIL Engineering has emerged as Korea's leading engineering company offering a wide range of Manpower, Technical Support both electrical and mechanical work, Material Management and Accomodation in oil & gas industry.

In 2008, PIL was established with a relentless commitment to quality and innovation. Early in our career, we mostly worked on electrical works that are cable pulling, termination, loop check and function test and it became our specialty. It was the result of continuous efforts by people of PIL. We will not content with that so we could meet clients needs not only electrical but mechanical, procurement and accommodation part.

Benefit to Your Project

People of PIL Engineering are completely open in communication. We have a strong trust base which allows colleagues to freely express opinions and value those of others, regardless of hierarchy. In fact, we have an obligation to provide constructive dissent when backed by clear rationale. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge them. People who acknowledge mistakes and keep their promises are truly worthy of trust. Such trust is enough to benefit to your project.

Our persons also focus and prioritize on what matters most. Whatever task we are faced with, our work starts with identifying priorities. When priorities are set, we mobilize all available resources and go straight to the heart of the hardest and most important issues, solving them once and for all.

The Future of PIL

PIL hopes to become a 'Proud Global PIL' , with firm belief and trust in people.
'Proud Global PIL' means becoming a company that every stakeholder is proud of. Our stakeholders include not only the employees and employers of PIL but also our customers, shareholders and the communities around us. Our vision is to become a company that everyone involved with us can be proud of.

To bring better life to mankind,
For everyone who works for us and for whom we work for,
PIL continues to walk forward, doing our best every step of the way.